The Bloody Blue Moon

After many years of exchanging Art via the mail and seeing each other in person for brief moments here and there, Ria Rajan and I finally had some time in San Francisco to work on a print together.  She is an Artist working in Bangalore, New York, Oakland and San Francisco. Her ability to embrace digital technologies as easily as analog methods has always impressed me.  She is unburdened by conventions and always eager to learn new things.  

We share a love for the moon and an interest in sorcery.  We have been bonding over the exercises in Sarah Faith Gottesdiener's Many Moons Workbook.  After an enthusiastic exchange of our lunar eclipse experiences, it seemed quite natural for us to agree upon the Moon as the subject of our print together.

We began by introducing Rajan to the reduction process through small rubber stamping experiments.  From there we began carving the first color from the woodblock, printing, then carving the second color from the same woodblock and printing until we had completed our print. (See slideshow below)

This is the first collaborative woodcut print produced by Sunset Paperworks. It is our hope, as Damon and I continue to build this space, that this will be the first of many collaborations to come.  Thank you to Ria Rajan for being the first Artist to embark upon this experiment, it was a pleasure working with you.  I look forward to our continued Bangalore and San Francisco exchange - #BLR_SFO

"The Bloody Blue Moon" Woodcut reduction print. Image 7" X 7". Paper 10" x 10". Edition of 28.  Carved and printed by Nathalie Roland and Ria Rajan in San Francisco, CA. 


The print is available for purchase here.  Read an interview with Ria Rajan here.   -Nathalie Roland