Get Free

In 2012 I quit my main job as a contractor for music media companies to focus more on Art and Craft.  Shortly after making this decision I had a funny dream (illustrated below).  A weary and discombobulated carousel horse wandered into the bedroom.  It stopped in front of me and its eyes looked sad and tired.   "It's ok. Are you tired?" I said to it as I lifted the covers and moved away from the edge to make room.  The horse got into the bed and I covered it with the blanket.  


After this dream I began carving the woodblock for the "Get Free" print.  While I worked on other woodblocks and drawings in my own studio, I lent my hands at Yellow Owl Workshop, Ape do good print shop and the last 3 years as a bookbinder at Arion Press.  Six years after the dream, I have quit my full time job at Arion and moved my old studio into a new studio and printmaking  space Damon and I are building out.  This is the first block I have printed in the new spot we are calling Sunset Paperworks.

"Get Free" Woodcut print. Image 7" X 7". Paper 10" x 10". Varied Edition of 25 in sunset (pictured below), yellow and pink.  Carved and printed by Nathalie Roland in San Francisco.  


For all the destructive cycles you wish to break, for conformity you wish to evade, for the independent ideals you aspire to, let this little horse inspire you to get free.