We are a printmaking and paperworks studio in the Sunset district of San Francisco, California. Experiments and collaborations in works on paper are facilitated by Nathalie Roland and Damon Uyeda with visiting Artists.  Our goals are to create space for collaboration, and artists in the San Francisco Bay Area and to share printmaking, bookmaking, and other resources with our creative community.

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We are currently working on a collaborative print project.  Nathalie Roland is working with individual artists, designers, art educators with little to no prior knowledge of the printmaking process to create 7” x 7” woodcut reduction prints.  So far, Roland has worked with Ria Rajan, Jeana Hadley and Rochelle Youk to complete three limited editions of 28 prints.  We hope that after an introduction to the woodcut print process through our collaborations, artists will return to our space to execute more of their ideas through printmaking.  We invite you to read more about these artists and their contributions to Sunset Paperworks in the records department.

We have more projects in the works to be announced. Thank you for reading.  - August 29, 2018